Got surplus food? Use it to find new customers

Too Good To Go 1140X635

Acton BID is partnering up with the sustainability app Too Good To Go to help members attract new consumers and fight food waste. Every year, UK food businesses waste 100,000 tonnes of surplus food – but there’s a better way.

The Too Good To Go app lets these businesses sell surplus food to local customers to save it from going to waste. Customers use the app to buy a surprise ‘Magic Bag’ of surplus food, then pick it up at a time set by the store. There’s no need for stores to predict what won’t sell; they simply load Magic Bags with whatever’s left over, setting a price that’s fair for them and the customer. 

So far, UK food businesses have saved over 5 million Magic Bags, recouping costs and meeting new customers at the same time. 

Ready to join them? No admin fee for the first year. Email or click this link to sign up and we’ll waive your first years admin fee. We can have your profile set up within ten minutes.