The Walking Gallery Project


Your Acton BID in partnership with the High Street Task Force (HSTF) delivers the community with a walking art gallery around Acton Town Centre vacant shop units. Visit 6 locations around Acton to discover the amazing artwork created by various artists. Thank you to Artification, Acton Unframed and JG Contemporary for finding these amazing local artist to brighten up our high street. Here below is more information on each artwork and the artist. Make sure you visit all the locations: 320 Uxbridge Road, W3 9PQ – 8 Market Place, W3 6QS – 98 Churchfield Road, W3 6DH – 131 High Street, W3 6LY – 152 High Street, W3 6QZ – 1-3 High Street, W3 6NG.

320 Uxbridge Road Artwork

Artist name: Mohammad Yassin

The aim of this piece is to explore the dichotomy between Acton during lockdown and post/pre lockdown Acton. The coloured area represents Acton at its most diverse and vibrant with the market stalls and everyday people/activity. The black and white area embodies the sparse and desolate nature of life during lockdown. Both areas are tied to the same perspective & scenery, symbolising our ability to completely transform a space simply by being present.


98 Churchfield Road Artwork

Artist name: Fem Sorcell

Growing Together explores an ever-growing interest between our relationship with nature and its place within communities. The piece expresses how important it is to form a connection with our local communities through the interweaving of brightly coloured botanicals working together to create a brighter new start.




5 Market Place Artwork

Artist name: Morgan Davy

“My aim was to give a warm sense of hope and inspiration to passers by, With intentions of aiding restorations in the value of our human potentials, Guided by our connection to nature, through the zen of Artistic freedom.

I hope this instillation presents a unique opportunity for the viewer to experience a personal connection with the Art. And to not drag their feet when it comes to allowing themselves to pick up a positive momentum to remember. Regardless of what the viewer may be faced with in life – even if its just for a moment… to look within this empathetic space, and to fill it with windows of possibilities by simply allowing the true colours of Love to flow, and to then share that public spirit with others.”


131 High Street Artwork

Artist: Matt Small  

Matt finds the materials for his work which includes anything found on the street, from fridges and other household appliances to wrecked cars. He also often works with paint that has been thrown away by others, meaning his works are in a variety of mediums including household paint and oils. Like his subjects, the physical elements of his works are a product of the urban environment, consisting of pieces that society has disregarded.

Matt’s recent artworks incorporate the fluid, colourful, abstracted faces of our youth with geometric designs that merge from the background composition into the portraits. The complexity and rigidness of these patterns and shapes representing that of the city environments that surround each of the subjects; contrasting, and at the same time, informing and becoming elements of what makes them who they are as people.

For more information on the artworks and Matt:








152 High Street Artwork

Plantation Series from Tim Fowler

Plantation is the latest collection from Tim Fowler consisting of a brand new series of works based around botanical colonial commodities.

This new body of work explores these botanical commodities with mesmerisingly vivid colours, which strikingly contrast with their brutal colonial history and the mass wealth accrued through such inhuman practices. Tim’s signature colour palette of extremely bright and intense hues makes his work distinctly recognisable.

For information on the plantation series and Tim:

1-3 High Street Artworks

Artist: Various, between age 4-17

In April 2019, whilst the 1st lockdown was in full swing, inspired by Jewel’s daughter Anjelica’s drawing, JG Contemporary reached out on Instagram to Acton W3 based creative kids aged 4-17, to submit their art. The works were displayed in the JG Contemporary gallery window on Churchfield Road for some time during the lockdown.

The display put a smile on many peoples faces. These panels showcase the works that were submitted in response to the call. Visit the website and choose W3 KIDS ARTWORKS to see the names of all the artists. Thank you to all the children that submitted their works.

For more information and to view all the artists:


211 High Street Artwork

Artist: Alessandra Tortone

The artwork represents the diversity of Acton. ‘We are all different, which is great because we are unique! Without diversity, life would be very boring’ – Catherine Pulsifer.