Counter Terrorism training for businesses

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The Metropolitan Police and National Counter-Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) would like to offer your business and staff the opportunity to receive training, guidance and advice to protect and prepare against the ongoing threat from terrorism and increase confidence and awareness when responding to an attack.

There are a range of FREE training packages available to cater to all aspects of business and to staff in all roles, which have been specially produced using the latest information from Police and the Security Services. The training packages are delivered by Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Protect Officers – a team of specialist officers, working locally to help strengthen our protection against an attack. 

Here is the list of the available training: 

  • ACT Awareness
  • ACT Awareness E-Learning
  • SCaN
  • ACT Operational
  • ACT Fraudulent Document Awareness Workshop

To view the different training and their description, click here.