Your Acton BID November achievements

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The Acton BID has a mandate to make the area a cleaner and safer place to do business and to ensure it is more welcoming for visitors.

To do so, we continuously report various issues to make sure it is graffiti free and that fly tipping incidents are removed promptly. We have also hired My Local Bobby team that will ensure that the area is safer by working with businesses to increase safety, prevent crime and reduce anti-social behaviours.

For the month of November, the Acton BID reported various issues such as:

  • Over 25 issues of fly tipping incidents
  • 10 counts of graffiti on business shop fronts and street furniture
  • 10 other types of incidents, including streets not clean, pavement issues and abandoned bicycles.

My Local Bobby team has attended various incidents which includes:

  • 17 incidents related to beggars
  • 33 incidents related to Antisocial behaviours (i.e., street drinking, noise disturbance, etc.)
  • 19 incidents related to crime (i.e., shoplifting, theft)

Overall, the MLB team has reported over 100 incidents during the month of November.

This year’s Christmas lights on the High Street, Churchfield Road and the Vale were brought to you by Your Acton BID. We have switch on the lights on November 25th during our Christmas market to increase footfall and encourage to shop local.

We have also started the works to relandscape and revamp the main roundabout in the Town Centre (injunction to Uxbridge Road, Steyne Road and High Street) to improve the perception and the aesthetic of Acton. Make sure you go and check it out.

For more information on the various incidents that we reported, please contact Veronique