Your Acton BID monthly achievements


For the months of January and February, the Acton BID reported various issues such as:

  • Over 75 issues of fly tipping incidents.
  • 58 counts of graffiti on business shop fronts and street furniture.
  • 26 other types of incidents, including streets not clean, pavement issues and abandoned bicycles.

My Local Bobby team has attended various incidents which includes:

  • 40 incidents related to beggars.
  • 44 incidents related to Antisocial behaviours (i.e., street drinking, noise disturbance, etc.).
  • 29 incidents related to crime (i.e., shoplifting, theft).

We have also delivered our first breakfast networking event on January 27th and our Business Plan launch event on January 31st. Since February, we have also increased the My Local Bobby team to 5 shifts a week (instead of three) to increase business interaction along the retail and industrial areas. The security meetings through ShopWatch and PubWatch have also resumed since Christmas to improve communication between businesses and pubs to reduce crime and anti-social behaviours in their premises. 

For more information on the various incidents that we reported and projects, please contact Veronique