Congratulations To cultivate London

A groundbreaking pilot programme Acton Green Waste Solutions from Cultivate London. An innovative pilot programme establishing a hub to showcase opportunities and practices to create a circular society in Acton. Cultivate London were overfunded and raised £21,216.

Cultivate London will collect green waste from the local community and process this within a purpose-built biodigester to produce liquid fertiliser and compost. These products will be re-used on the site supporting a growing system that will produce vegetables, herbs and salads within a mix of open and hydroponic growing systems. The produce will be shared among volunteers and local partners that have helped provide the resources. Seeds will be harvested and shared at satellite gardens and associated groups. A purpose-built workshop will also harvest waste timber and structures and house a making shed to create planters, beds, garden furniture and other upcycled objects.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Create a green waste solution that could be adopted by other councils and communities across the country.
  • Create a workshop space to reuse items within the growing system
  • Utilise electric cargo bikes and hand held carry caddies for collecting and delivering materials from local partners
  • Grow and share fresh produce using the liquid fertiliser produced by processing the green waste

Why it’s a great idea:

A proven circular economy initiative that helps with: – Local recycling Waste reduction – Volunteer opportunities – Workshops for the community – Educational opportunities for school – Green and sustainable practical skills development for apprentices

Steps to get it done:

  • Install workshop, composter and pollytunel
  • Fit out workshop and hydroponics growing system
  • First circular workshop
  • Plant and sow first crop in the polytunnel