New Wellbeing in the Workplace Workshop launched for Your Acton businesses

Join us for our Workplace Wellbeing Day dedicated to elevating your workplace wellbeing, presented in partnership with the renowned experts at Rener Wellbeing.

Rener Wellbeing’s expert consultants have run similar sessions across the globe with other organisations, such as the NHS, Sport England, Intertrust Group and Active Partnerships.

Why You Should Attend:
– Professional Expertise: Experience the best in workplace wellness with Rener Wellbeing’s seasoned professionals.
– Tailored Workshops: Engage in a variety of sessions designed to suit diverse needs and interests, from stress management to manager training.
– Practical Tools and Strategies: Learn practical, actionable strategies to enhance your overall wellbeing as well as your colleagues’.
– Networking and Collaboration: Connect with other members, professionals, share experiences, and build a community focused on health and productivity.

Highlights of the Day:
– Interactive Sessions
– Personalised Advice for You and Your Organisation
– Best Practice Approaches
– Take-Home Action Plans

Run through of the day:

9:00-9:30: Coffee and networking
9:30-12:00: Wellbeing Training for Managers – and how to build your wellbeing strategy
12:00-13:00: Tools and Tips to Manage Stress and Anxiety and Boost Your Resilience
13:00-14:00: Networking Lunch
14:00-15:00: Tools and Tips for Digital and Social Wellbeing
15:00-16:00: Tools and Tips to Improve Your Sleep, Nutrition, and Physical Activity
16:00-16:30: Develop Your Wellbeing Action Plan
16:30-17:00: Q&A

If you would like to attend the workshop please email Natasha

* Priority will be given to Your Acton BID businesses, maximum 3 people per organisation.