Store Colleague – Acton (Part-Time)

Job summary

Offers proactive, personalised customer service, and supports others across the team, in order to achieve the store’s financial goals

Hours: 15 per week

Job contribution

Customer service

Seeks opportunities to interact and make friends with every customer, understanding their individual needs, so that each feels welcomed and supported in store, and leaves with a positive impression

Product knowledge

Offers accurate, relevant advice to every customer, in order to guide them to the right product, service or outcome for their individual situation

Operational compliance

Follows all regulatory requirements, company policies and latest operating procedures, so that people, customers and property are properly protected, and the store is as successful as possible • Audit scores • Health & Safety record


Observes team members across the store and finds opportunities to offer help and support, thereby ensuring that the team works effectively as a whole, and activities are shared fairly across all colleagues 


Keeps up to date with all relevant training, and seeks opportunities to learn new things, so as to offer the best possible support and product knowledge to customers and the wider team

In-store environment

Maintains a clean, tidy, and welcoming environment, across both customer-facing and non-customer facing areas, so that colleagues and customers experience a comfortable and safe place to work and shop

Your behaviours

  • Make Friends
  • Be Ready
  • Be Excited
  • Be Amazing

Your skills

  • Customer service
  • Computer literacy
  • Product knowledge
  • Verbal communication

Your scale and scope

Reports to: Store Manager

Reports: None

Planning horizon: Daily / Weekly

Your qualifications and experience

Customer service experience (desirable) Retail experience (desirable).

Your wiggle room

Has the freedom to tailor the service and advice offered to best meet each customer’s needs. Operates within company policies and procedures.

We need someone who…

Gets a kick out of getting to know new people from all backgrounds, makes genuine connections with others and is true to their personality.

We don’t need someone who…

Waits to be told what to do, or for others to take the lead with customers.





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