Operation Onyx

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Your Acton BID and Acton Met Police are working together to roll out the Operation Onyx, an initiative that highlights the awareness surrounding Personal Safety and Protection. Everyone deserves to feel safe in our town, but if you’re ever feeling unease, we’ve got something for you. The initiative gives you access to a FREE personal safety alarm. No questions asked.

Head to one of the many venues to claim yours or go on our map to view all the locations:

Check out the venues in Acton where you can acquire a free personal safety alarm:

  • Windmill Pub at 50 High Street
  • The Station House on Churchfield Road
  • Acton Police Station at 250 High Street
  • Red Lion & Pineapple Pub at 281 High Street
  • Act One Cinema on High Street (Old Library) 
  • Emmaus House at 1 Berrymead Gardens
  • Putt In The Park Acton at East Churchfield Rd, London W3 7LL

The personal safety alarm is designed to deter an attacker and make any induvial feel safe and secure. Whether you are out running, waking your dog, going home from a nigh out, popping to and/or from the shops, and wherever else life takes you. A personal safety alarm can be worn on/attached to your handbag, your water bottler, keys, belt and beyond.

If you would like more information on personal safety or have any queries, you can send an email to Sergeant Matthew Buckland

To get some personal safety alarms for your staff, please email Veronique!